Operating Instructions & How To's
User Instructions
How to:
Install Updates
How to:
AirPrint and FTP from iPad
How to:
WiFi Tips
How to:
Network from a PC
How to:
Network from a MAC
How to:
Awkward Phones
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Photo Overlays
Online Updater Setup
Only for Selfie Wizards up to and including Version 23

Included in Version 24 onwards
Online Updater
(upto Version 23 Only)
How to:
Install the Online Updater
(upto Version 23 Only)
Hot Folder Utility Program for Windows PC
Hot Folder Ver 2.1
How to:
Hot Folder Instructions
Overlay Template Samples
Master Template Set
Syrone & Paul
Tara & Alex
Laura & Liam
Kerrie & Harry
iPhone Template Set
Promo Videos
Video Clips 1
Video Clips 2
Kerry & Harry
Sarah & Glens Wedding
Tara & Alex's Wedding
Guest Instruction Cards
Tara & Alex
Business Card

TV Frames
iPhone - 55 inch (PSD)
Retro TV Frame - 55 inch (PSD)
Roller Banners
RollerBanner Master PSD
Keyring Supplies UK
Small CuttersSmall Keyrings 45 x 35mm
Large CuttersLarge Keyrings 70.5 x 45mmLarge Fridge Magnets 70.5 x 45mm
Keyring Supplies USA
Small CuttersSmall Keyrings 1-3/8 x 1-3/4
Large CuttersLarge Keyrings 1-3/4 x 2-3/4