Group: For the Supplier

What Display Devices are supported..?

The Selfie Wizard has 1 x HDMI output.
It will work with ANY display device with a HDMI input or VGA with the use of a separate adaptor (not supplied).
Multiple displays can be used by simply running the Selfie Wizard output through a HDMI splitter.
TV’s – Projectors – LED Walls

The Selfie Wizard can also be run ‘headless’ without any display device attached.

How is the Selfie Wizard controlled..?

The Selfie Wizard admin panel is accessed from your own mobile phone to allow full control on how images are displayed, printed and number of copies etc.
No other computer is needed to setup or control the unit.

How easy is it to remove inappropriate images..?

In practice, it is very rare for guests to upload inappropriate images but from time to time it may happen.

Method 1:  Removing images from the SlideShow takes just a few seconds and is a simple one-click process from the monitoring page within the Admin section.

Method 2: Set uploads to require moderation before display, the monitoring page then provides the option to ban or show the image.

Whats included in the Kit..?

The Kit contains:

  • Selfie Wizard Mini-Computer
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • RJ45 Data Cable
  • Operating Instructions

Ready to use out of the box, simply plug into a TV (or other HDMI display device).
Optional – Attach printer (simple one-time setup required to select your model of Printer)

Do you need Venue WiFi..?

No. The Selfie Wizard has its own built-in Wifi HotSpot.
The guests at the event simply connect their phones to the Selfie Wizard’s local WiFi network.