Selfie Wizard – Wireless Print & Display Server

The Selfie Wizard is an Award Winning system that allows Guests at an event to upload photos from their own Mobile Phones to display on a TV SlideShow and with the option to produce instant prints. The modern day alternative to ‘Disposable Cameras on Tables’:

ProMobile Magazine – Best Accessory of the Year 2019

For the Guest..
Works with any Smart Phone and a wide range of mobile devices
No Apps or special software to Download
Simple, Intuitive and Quick to use
Instant Prints (optional)

For the Event Host..
Added Entertainment
Digital copies of all images
Duplicate of all Prints (optional)

For you..
Minimal Setup
Minimal Equipment
Fast Return on Investment – as little as two events


How it works:

The Selfie Wizard is a self-contained mini-computer with its own built-in WiFi HotSpot.
Two Minute Setup – Simply connect the unit to a display device such as a TV or Projector. Power on and it is ready to accept photo uploads and display them immediately to the display device.

Add a dye-sub printer and it will auto-magically produce prints for the guests in as little as 10 seconds.

Everyone loves a Selfie, share those priceless memories with a Selfie Wizard.

More Features – New Lower Price


Selfie Ninja – Wireless Print Server

The little brother to the Original Selfie Wizard, the Selfie Ninja allows wireless printing from iPads and Windows devices to any* printer.

Fully compatible with most iPad Booth Software and all Windows based systems including:

  • Photo Media Booth
  • Lumabooth
  • Pixbooth (Curator)
  • Simplebooth
  • Snappic
  • Breeze for iPad
  • and many more…